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Glassed a man in pub

A GLASGOW man has been fined over £1,000 for assaulting another drinker on the head with a glass in a Lerwick pub.

Forty three year old Graham Maconnachie, of Craigbo Court, Glasgow, struck another man on the head with the glass at the Thule Bar on 6 July last year.

Lerwick Sheriff Court previously heard that Maconnachie reacted badly to comments made to him in the town establishment.

He struck his victim and left the man with a cut to the left side of his face.

The court heard on Wednesday that there had been a level of “provocation” in the incident.

The comments dealt by the victim were deemed to be offensive as their banter turned sour.

Sheriff Philip Mann concluded that due to the circumstances of the case, and Maconnachie’s “limited” record, a financial penalty would suffice.

He gave the Glasgow man a £1,050 fine, which was reduced from £1,400 to reflect his earlier guilty plea.

MEANWHILE, a Lerwick teenager who admitted cultivating cannabis in his home has avoided being locked up.

19 year old Larri Goodlad, of Hillgrind, Lerwick, previously pled guilty to the charge after police found plants, seeds and equipment for growing the class B drug at his home on January 6.

He said that he had been producing cannabis for himself and his friends.

Lerwick Sheriff Court heard from defence agent Tommy Allan on Wednesday that his client has turned a corner recently by “showing signs of maturity”.

Goodlad has now taken on the role of “gatekeeper” for his home and “manages to avoid it becoming a party house”.

The teenager’s girlfriend is soon expecting a child and Sheriff Philip Mann took this into consideration when sentencing.

He gave Goodlad an “opportunity to knuckle down” and told him to use this chance to turn his life around “for the sake for your child, partner and yourself”.

Mann ordered the 19 year old to be placed under supervision for one year and to undertake 120 hours of unpaid work.

Goodlad was also placed under a restriction of liberty order, with the teen now unable to leave his home between 7pm and 7am, seven days a week, for two months.

The sheriff, meanwhile, admonished Goodlad on another charge relating to a domestic assault from 2014 as he was satisfied the incident was a one-off.

A SCALLOWAY resident has admitted assaulting another woman earlier this year by repeatedly punching and kicking her on the head and body. 

Forty four year old Leigha Williamson, of Port Arthur, Scalloway, also pleaded guilty at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Wednesday to driving whilst more than three times over the legal limit.

Williamson is charged with assaulting another woman at an address on the village’s Castle Street on 27 April by attacking her on the head and body.

She also admitted a charge of driving a motor vehicle on Castle Street with 71mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath on the same day. 

Sheriff Philip Mann adjourned the assault charge until 5 August for criminal justice social work report to be completed.

Sentence has been deferred on Williamson’s motoring charge until the same date, with the 44 year old granted bail and disqualified from driving in the interim.