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Woman hurt as bull rampages through town

A bull on the loose at Lerwick's South Road on Tuesday evening. Photo: Fraser Tait

A BULL went on the rampage through the streets of Lerwick on Tuesday night, with an elderly woman taken to hospital after being run into by the animal.

Shortly after 10pm, police told Shetland News that the bull was being “safely contained” in the Greenfield Place area of town and efforts were ongoing to trap it.

A police officer also confirmed that a cow had been brought into the area in an attempt to calm the bull down.

Locals began reporting sightings of the animal in the south part of town along Sea Road, Clickimin and South Road in the early evening.

The bull being pursued by a police car. Photo: Hugh Sim

One onlooker had been out taking photos of seals and turned round after hearing a noise to see the bull.

She said the animal carried on down the road and “went for” a girl who was out jogging, forcing her to jump over a wall next to the fire station.

The bull was also seen making its way along the path behind the football pitches at Clickimin.

Police cars were seen heading towards the scene shortly before 8pm. An ambulance was also called after the elderly woman, who was out walking, appeared to be run into and trampled by the animal.

The bull was later seen heading towards the centre of Lerwick along South Road, before arriving at Greenfield Place – the road leading towards the Kveldsro Hotel – where several police officers have reportedly spent a considerable amount of time trying to corner the stricken animal.

Another onlooker said that police at one stage trapped the animal in a trailer, but it managed to escape.

The bull shortly after 9.30pm on Tuesday night. Photo: Contributed

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