Letters / Gesture politics

It is a bit rich for Tavish Scott (MSP wants rise in air fare subsidy; SN 13/02/15) to say that European rules allow the discount to be extended to 50 per cent from the existing rate of 40 per cent.

He is the person who set the bar at 40 per cent back in 2006, despite being told by his departmental civil servants that up to 50 per cent subsidy was permissible.


He has never given an explanation as to why he made this particular decision, although I suspect it was due to only a limited amount of money being made available for the scheme.

All he has to do is hold up his hand and finally admit that this was indeed the case.

It is to the credit of the Scottish government that they continue to fund this scheme.

It is the height of hypocrisy for Tavish Scott to call on the government to increase the level of support at a time when the Tory/LibDem coalition government at Westminster are cutting Holyrood’s block grant as part of their ongoing austerity programme.

This is yet more political posturing by Tavish Scott, gesture politics designed to catch the headlines and create the illusion that he is actually doing something for Shetland.

Bill Adams