Machine of Bureaucracy

I was wondering if anyone had tried to do anything to improve themselves lately.

Something like raising a small herd of cattle, a flock of sheep or going out in a boat to catch fish.

Maybe open a shop to sell stuff, or a workshop to make stuff. Even open up attic space and put in a skylight to create more room for the bairns because they canna afford to rent, let alone buy a house.

You know anything like that, painting the front door, planting a tree, singing a song.

If you have, you will have come up against the MOB – the Machine Of Bureaucracy.

By the time you have paid for all the applications, permits, licences, quotas, tax & tax on the VAT, VAT on the tax (as in fuel) the enterprise will no longer seem viable.

If you get past all the MOB requirements and paid all their fees, you will be slaving full time for the MOB.

You will notice that those in the MOB hierarchy; minister of this, chairman of that, director of the other and all those paid by the MOB, take for granted all the income and perks you can only dream of if your enterprise is successful.

Though he may not have invented this state of affairs, he was the greatest exponent of it in recent history and I wonder if folk know who it was that said:

“For modern society, we will create an unprecedented centralisation, which will unite all powers in the hands of the government. We shall create a hierarchical constitution which will mechanically govern all movements of all individuals.”

This concept is being followed by many leaders, assistant leaders, leaders of assistant leaders, assistants to the leaders of assistant leaders all the way down the line to the lowest ranking mobsters, who all demand your subservience in 21st century Britain.

I wonder what it will take before people start to say enough is enough?

Oh, by the way, it was Adolf Hitler!

Vic Thomas