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Carnegie Hall wins itself a kitchen

Celebration time in the Carnegie Hall kitchen after winning the People's Millions.

SANDWICK’S Carnegie Hall has won almost £50,000 from the People’s Millions to build itself a state of the art kitchen.

The news was announced on STV on Wednesday evening, though committee members were told at 10am and had to keep quiet all day.

“We were just jumping with excitement and just had to talk amongst ourselves,” said committee member Evelyn Jamieson.

The community pulled out all the stops to get people voting for the project to replace the run down kitchen.

Local folk, including children, spent Tuesday delivering leaflets and knocking on doors to persuade people to vote.

The Carnegie Hall was up against Edinburgh-based charity Clowndoctors who use performing arts to help sick and vulnerable children in hospital, hospice, respite or specialist school care.

The final tally of votes is not yet known.

Jamieson said they were initially unsure whether their project was worthy of being in the People’s Millions final, but the organisers reassured them.

Now Sandwick is humming with excitement about the victory.

“I have just been to the Brownies to tell them and they nearly blew the roof off the hall,” she said.

“But this is what Shetland does. If it comes to supporting a local charity or community, Shetland rallies so well. I think it’s the best in Britain.”