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Lerwick fireworks return

Thousands came out on 3 November 2012 to enjoy the last Lerwick fireworks display - Photo: Austin Taylor

THE Lerwick fireworks display is back with a bang on 1 November after a one year absence from the isles’ social calendar.

In a major change to previous years the Knab will replace Clickimin camping site as the location for the fireworks.

Organisers Islesburgh Pyrotechnics Display Club said designated car and bus parking would be available in the large multi-court car park situated at the corner of Knab Road and Gressy Loan.

This year's fireworks display will be held at The Knab. See map for details.

In addition disabled car and bus parking will be available on the hard standing area immediately to the south of the skate-park and Coastguard station.

A 100 metre exclusion zone around the firing zone will be in place.

Pyrotechnics club spokesman Andrew Anderson said: “To help ensure the free flow of traffic when vehicles are exiting the multi-court parking area there will be a temporary traffic order prohibiting the parking of vehicles on the section of Knab Road between Church Road and Breiwick Road.

“The best viewing area is the green area shown on the map, identified as zone 2.

“From 7pm pedestrians can only enter/exit viewing areas from Knab Road, Gressy Loan, or the golf-course path from the Breiwick Road end.”

To ensure the graveyard is not used as a viewing area, from 7pm no vehicles or pedestrians will be allowed beyond, either the graveyard gates or the south end of Twageos Road from the foot of Gressy Loan.

The Skateboard park and Coastguard station car park will also be prohibited areas during the display.

Anderson added that the cost for this year’s display would be met by voluntary donations.

“The organisers wanted to emphasise that the Shetland Islands Council does not contribute financially to the display.

“The cost of this year’s display will largely be met by cash donations from local businesses, monies from the cash collection on the night, a generous grant from Lerwick Community Council and funds from the Islesburgh Pyrotechnics Display Club itself,” he said.

The event would not be possible without the help and support of volunteer stewards, Shetland Raynet, British Red Cross, the emergency services and the council’s infrastructure services and leisure services, he added.