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Letters / Mixing sport and politics

Although Amnesty International has good reasons for political concerns (‘Violations of basic rights’, SN 31/7/14) it is not the purpose of promoting sport politically whether Commonwealth or Olympics which saw the awful murder at Munich 1972 of Israel athletes and a further political use of Olympics in 1968 Mexico with power salute of black athletes.

These events were overshadowed and brought sport to an all time low of interest.

Regarding Sri Lanka was meeting of Commonwealth Heads of State and is important as the Queen is head of the Commonwealth where David Cameron is required to attend also as Prime Minister of this country the point Amnesty International are making would have been on Britain’s agenda.

Do not be fooled as the Queen and Prime Minister are well aware of what we all know about these countries for years. The athletes are important to their sport and that is not boycotted.

There is always the acceptance that this country has to solve world problems where many governments have issues we do not approve of through their corruption and so called laws. That is what the United Nations treaty is supposed to engage in dialogue but the support of many countries and security councils are a drawback including Russia.

All that can be said as a Lanarkshire Glasgow person is – yes, it is good to impress upon issues which we do understand and sympathise with, but to see these Commonwealth athletes in Glasgow to give them all the support in their individual sport is what’s important for their confidence.   

Their Government is the problem not the athletes. The games used to be the Empire Games at its beginning and today it is wonderful to this country being open to what real democracy projects and offers a more relaxed sporting welcome.

Please do not use sport for political statements.

Mrs Christine Donald,