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Dim Riv unscathed after drifting to Bressay

The Dim Riv broke free and drifted across to Bressay overnight. Photo: Charlie Umphray

REPLICA Viking longship the Dim Riv had to be towed back across to Lerwick on Wednesday lunchtime after slipping her moorings and drifting to the Bressay shoreline overnight.

It appears that the boat’s chain snapped and she ended up on the shore next to Gardie House, but tour operator Mark Berry said that “luckily” when he went down to inspect the damage its hull was intact.

“Apparently she broke the mooring last night,” he said. “I don’t know how because the wind wasn’t very strong, but I think the chain snapped.

“I had a quick look and tied her up so the water couldn’t come in… but thankfully there’s no real damage – the head got a bit of damage, but the hull is fine, luckily.”

The boat was towed back across to the marina in Lerwick at around 1pm, and Berry added: “I think we’ve got away with it this time – just one of those freak things.”

The replica Viking longship was towed back to Lerwick on Wednesday lunchtime. Photo: Charlie Umphray

The Dim Riv, which is operated by a group of volunteers, has been offering hour-long sailing trips in Lerwick Harbour to locals and visitors alike since her launch in 1980.