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In response to the Windfarm Supporters little diatribe (Better future for all; SN 9/7/14) I feel a short reply is in order.

It is interesting to note that none of the signatories live in the windfarm areas. I would assume that by now they are aware of the well-documented detrimental health effects to adults and children caused by turbine activity close to dwellings.

No supporter is dealing with the daily anxiety of having to spend the rest of their life living on a massive windfarm industrial construction site.

No supporter is having to live with the knowledge that his property has been devalued by 40 per cent.

There are many people who will have no option but to accept that this is the life they will now have to endure.

Chris Bunyan announced on Radio Shetland (on Thursday) that there are people who are happy to live like this – well I haven’t met any so I presume they must be the landowners who will line their pockets from it.

At least we now know that windfarm supporters believe this is an acceptable price that some of us will just have to pay in order to gamble an inordinate sum of our money on.

The fact that this project has been conceived and pushed forward by fellow islanders – not the much maligned ‘soothmoothers’ or multinationals – is in itself quite ironic.

The relatively short term financial gain from this toxic development will be achieved by the destruction of these islands for generations to come, but at least we now know some of the supporters group’s names – those whose consciences happily condone all of the above.

My opinion of these people – as anyone who knows me will be aware – is unprintable.

Donnie Morrison

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