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SIC - Free Tyre Check - 22 Nov 2019

Letters / Detestable and divisive

This excellent post by a contributor to the Vote No page sums up the deep negativity at the heart of the campaign to destroy the UK. Well worth a read!

“At 3pm the most detestable and divisive political figure in Great Britain will take to the podium in Aberdeen to address the sheep he so adoringly admires. Alex Salmond has already given the rest of us across the UK a sample of what type of thought processes go through his mind. Yesterday, in another effort to persuade voters to make Scotland a politically Right-wing-free zone, he said this:

“‘We’re a highly successful political party, but we’re not an ordinary political party. We’re not an ordinary political party because we are always, and always have been, and in this year above all, we are part of a movement. That movement, that aim, that ambition, is the freedom and independence of our country.’

“Get that, folks? Apparently ‘freedom’ is in the offing. When you stop and analyse just what poison is contained in that last sentence, you really begin to appreciate just how subliminally Anglophobia and spectacularly deluded the whole basis of Scottish separatism is.

“For when I think about ‘freedom’, I think about coloured people in South Africa overcoming the menace of apartheid and securing the vote; I think about the huddles masses at the gates of Dachau and Treblinka awaiting the arrival of the Allied soldiers in 1945; I think about the ending of the civil war in Rwanda; I think about the appalling restrictions on everyday movement and speech in places like Tibet and North Korea. I certainly don’t think about ‘freedom’ in the context of the third richest component of the world’s sixth largest economy (for that’s what Scotland is).

“So, Alex, when was the last time ‘freedom’ was denied in Scotland? When did Scots not have the right to vote, to protest, to walk the streets, to speak their minds, to travel, to educate themselves…….? Please tell us for I’m dying to know.

“Does anyone who votes for this monstrosity of a party, or is likely to vote for the end of the United Kingdom as we’ve known it for over three centuries, have even the slightest idea of how grossly insulting to the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland the use of word ‘freedom’ is in the context of Britain and Scottish democracy? It’s almost in the same league as using the ‘N’ word to a coloured person: an appalling and derogatory violation of their standing as a people.

“Sky News is showing the speech live at 3pm. Thankfully, I’ll be out visiting mates when this megalomaniac gets another airing of fame in his famously ‘downtrodden and oppressed’ parish.”

Gordon Harmer,

General Election - 12 December 2019