Letters / Plan B’s a cracker

At present when finances are mentioned there is always talk of Scotland sharing in the assets and liabilities after gaining independence.

Whilst some commentators argue over the amounts on each side of the balance sheet.

The end result is always a figure which Scotland would agree to share as part of the Union.


The Scottish Parliament has always said it will accept it’s share.

Accept it’s share.

Supposing the real reason Osborne and Co are refusing the currency union is not out of pique.

Why would any government not want to offload a share of it’s debts onto Scotland?

There is only one reason.

Westminster owes Scotland.


And without a currency union, we’d get none of it.

There is a huge amount of financial data and when I get the time to sort it all out, it’s very possible that the Treasury who caused all the debt, and has forced Scotland not only to pay a share but also interest on it, and helped themselves to £300 billion in oil revenues, and more tax in the last 32 years, owes Scotland more than they can afford to pay.

What other logical reason can one of the most corrupt and dishonest governments in Europe to refuse us the opportunity to pay a share of debt?

Unless there is none.

Plan B?

It’s a cracker.

Douglas Young