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Letters / Voodoo dolls

Douglas, in your letter (Inadvertent separation; SN 6/1/13) I see you don’t dispute that your members are actually invited to join and half don’t live in Shetland.

You don’t dispute the results of the polls or the fact you twice massaged the figures you quoted for membership of Yes Shetland Facebook.

You don’t dispute that only 30% of the electorate actually voted for the SNP or that 99% of posts on Yes Shetland Facebook are anti-UK government or attacks on individual politicians.

Douglas, the best thing that ever happened to your Yes campaign was the Tories getting in power. It gave you and the SNP an instant target to blame and that is pretty much all we ever hear from you.

Meanwhile people like me are looking at their watches and calendars and wondering where the positive independence case is.

While you and yours spend your days sticking pins in voodoo dolls of David Cameron and his cabinet members, people like me will continue to challenge the issues that actually matter to ordinary people. Issues like pensions, taxes, EU membership, current and foreign affairs, currency and defence.

You were right when you said that independence was not about the SNP because you and Yes Shetland have made it about the Tories.

You know it really strikes me as odd that you in your letter Fear not (SN 8/10/13) you slated all the big banks and blamed them for the problems of today. Then you go and close your account with the Co-op for political reasons; a bank that is owned and controlled by its members, who democratically elect the board of directors; members who usually have equal voting rights, according to the co-operative principle of “one person, one vote” a democratic and positive bank; a bank that had nothing to do with the financial collapse of a few years ago, a bank you have dumped in favour of the kind of bank you slated; all very positive! NOT.

And then more copy and paste:

Douglas Young Yes Shetland:
BBC News are breaking story that BAE Systems are ceasing shipbuilding work at Portsmouth Dockyard, saving both Scottish Shipyards. The connection between sacrificing the English yard and the Independence vote in 10 months is inescapable. Is this a business or political decision?

If Yes Shetland or Douglas Young had any knowledge of current affairs they would know that the decision to close Portsmouth and keep Scottish yards open was a commercial decision made over two years ago, well before the referendum debate started.

It is so sad that because of this people will lose their jobs, but even sadder that even though Scotland’s yards are saved the negative Yes Shetland group are trying to make political gain out of it.

They slate Westminster for forgetting Scotland, and then when a commercial company decides to stay and invest in Scotland, they slate Westminster.

Gordon Harmer