NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Letters / ASN education’s future

I was at the education and families meeting on 11 September where Professor MacLeod’s report on ASN education was discussed.

I was pleased it was given an hour. The future of ASN education is as important as all the other changes in education being discussed by the SIC.

I would point out that the professor identified where cost saving could be made by rationalisation, not by cutting services.

ASN education is there to bring out peoples abilities, not a baby sitting service.

Part of the professor’s argument was that early intervention in problem cases will prevent problems further on.

There is a tendency in ASN education for the practitioners to work in their own silos and to ignore any input from “outsiders” (social work, parents, NHS) however much they may be involved in a child’s progress through school.

My vision of the future of ASN education in Shetland is one where schools remove duplication and work with all interested parties to get the best for the pupils.

John N Hunter
East Voe