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Those peat bogs

Professor Richard Lindsay.

ANTI Viking Energy campaign group Sustainable Shetland is hosting an illustrated talk by international peat land expert Richard Lindsay later this week.

Professor Lindsay, the head of the environmental research group at the university of East London, has been a regular visitor to Shetland and its peat bogs since the early seventies.

Having been the chairman of the International Mire Conservation Group for 15 years, Lindsay will speak about The Secrets and Mysteries of the Peatbog: Cinderella Syndrome and the Attenborough Effect.

Throughout the planning process for the large Viking wind farm, Sustainable Shetland has been arguing that the government’s carbon payback calculation for building the 103 turbines on deep peat were open to question.

The group’s chairman Andrew Halcrow said the event should “prove to be a fascinating insight into the ecology of the blanket bog that covers much of Shetland”.

Professor Lindsay’s talk will take place on Thursday (15 August) in the auditorium of the Shetland Museum and Archives, starting at 7.30pm.

The event is free of charge but booking should be made by phoning 01595 741562.

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