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Court round up

A PROFESSIONAL driver lost his license at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Thursday after admitting being twice the legal limit when stopped by police near Sandwick, last week.

Defending himself Stephen Fitzsimmons, of 6 Hammarsgarth, Mossbank, told the court that his behavior had been totally out of character.

He said he had consumed some coffee and a few bottles of beer at the Mareel art venue on 7 May after learning that his brother been taken to hospital.

Employed by oil industry logistics firm Peterson SBS in Lerwick, the 55 year old told the court that he was now set to lose his job. “I need my license for my job”, he said.

Sheriff Philip Mann said he had no choice but to ban him for the minimum period of a year.

Fitzsimmons can reduce the length of disqualification by three months should he successfully complete a drink drivers’ rehabilitation course. He was also fined £400.

In another road traffic matter two lorry drivers were each fined £250 for allowing their vehicles to be overloaded.

Neil Anderson, aged 46, of 22 Gremmasgaet, Lerwick, and Jahuremi Hatledal, aged 34, of 4 Matherstoon, Asta, both pled guilty to the charges.

They were both stopped by police just outside Lerwick on 4 March while running material from Dales Voe to a construction site nearby.

Anderson’s lorry was found weighing 40,740 kilos, 27 per cent above its permitted gross weight, while Hatledal’s vehicle was 22 per cent overweight.

The court reinforced the message that it was the driver’s responsibility to ensure that their vehicles were operating within the law.