Yell’s new development man

NYDC's new project manager Colin Dickie. Photo John Coutts

ONE of the most ambitious community development groups in Scotland has appointed a local man to manage their plans.

On Wednesday North Yell Development Company (NYDC) announced that Colin Dickie would be in charge of their renewable energy and industrial estate expansion plans.

Dickie already has a wide range of development achievements under his belt from recent years.


He designed and marketed the popular polycrub as Powerdown officer for Northmavine Community Development Company (NCDC), he was general manager for NCDC’s subsidiary Nortenergy examining micro hydro power and served as project officer for German renewable giant Enertrag’s Yell wind farm ambitions.

NYDC has four major projects underway to generate income to regenerate the local economy, including:

• Garth Hill Community wind farm, which is planned to be built in 2016;
• a joint project with Nova Innovation Ltd from Edinburgh, which will the deployment of a 30kw test device in Bluemull Sound later this year;
• there are plans to build a tidal array; and
• to extend the industrial estate at Cullivoe.


Dickie said: “Each of the main projects has the potential to make a real difference to the community and will raise the NYDC’s profile as one of the most successful community organisations in Scotland.”

Funding to recruit a project manager was granted by Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Shetland Islands Council and LEADER.

HIE’s David Priest said: “Engaging Colin should give North Yell Development Council the capacity they need to get their important renewable energy projects developed.

“The volunteers have worked really hard to get schemes taken as far as they have, but dedicated project manager time and skills are required now.”

NYDC is open to all residents of North Yell covering the communities of Cullivoe, Sellafirth, Gloup and Gutcher.