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Letters / Pause for thought

It is interesting to see Tavish Scott becoming so vocal in recent times.

As the next election looms and the voters decide it is pay back time for the power grabbing LibDems he might see his time at Holyrood nearing an end.

So where next?

A modern day Lord of the Isles ruling Shetland and protecting us from the excesses of the parliament that sits in Edinburgh.

We will control our coastline, gather our oil revenues and we will all be able to live a wonderful life of excess whilst the rest of the UK grinds on.

Beware Monaco, you have competition – Shetland is reaching for the stars.

But wait and pause for just a moment.

Who will be the politicians that will run Shetland?

As we come crashing back to earth we would soon realise that the Shetland Islands councillors of today would be running the show, the same people who cut facilities for the young and elderly, don’t forget “we are all in it together”.

We have no faith in them to spend what money we have now, so what would possess us to let them decide on our taxes and health care.

Self determination for Shetland would be something many of us would like to see, but who would run the show?

Think very carefully before you jump on the band wagon and follow the Lord of the Isles uprising.

Separation from England is about as far as it should go.

Just in case we forget, there is another contender out there who seems to be jostling for position to lead us.

Needless to say Jean Urquhart should resign her seat immediately and allow the electorate to decide if she is wanted.

She was voted in on the back of SNP popularity so let’s see if she can do it on her own. I doubt it.

Prepared to take up this challenge Ms Urquhart? Didn’t think so.

Alan Macdonald
North Roe