Letters / Answer the question

Jean Urquhart is “right to observe” that “Christopher Ritch is “right to observe” that the Faroe Islands and the Falkland Islands have maintained larger EEZs, albeit with larger distances to neighbouring countries (Iceland and Argentina respectively), however she has not answered his question, namely:

“Given Shetland’s fishing history, it would have a strong argument for the boundary of any EEZ to be the median with Faroe, Norway & Orkney, but perhaps Jean can explain why she thinks it should be restricted to only 12 miles?”


It’s no good blathering away about what is said earlier in Mahdi Zahraa’s paper than the conclusion of that discussion quoted by Mr Ritch.

For the benefit of Jean and others who don’t check back to understand people’s arguments properly, here is the quote supplied by Mr Ritch:

“This enclaved zone, however, does not have to be restricted to 12 nautical miles. Rather, it can be left to the parties or the tribunal to decide the various widths of this zone taking into account other elements such as historic rights and fishing rights. It is also important to note that an equitable solution should not deprive the Orkney and Shetland Islands of mineral deposits off their coast.”


I would add this little gem which flowed from the author’s consideration of the St. Pierre et Miquelon (Canada) case study in the same paper in which he noted Orkney and Shetland’s “similar” situation with respect to Scotland and the UK:

“The establishment of a common zone would serve this purpose (“equitable solution” – JT). The proposed common zone could enclave the mineral deposits situated in the area north of an imaginary equidistant line between the Orkney-Shetland coast and the Scottish coast, using the existing continental shelf boundary as its eastern and north-eastern limit. Again, the limits and apportionment of this common zone would be identified by agreement between the parties.”

So no, Jean, we won’t be distracted from the point, not by what “Willie Rennie said”, “Paul Riddell said” nor “what Tavish said during the Boer War”.

Either answer Mr Ritch’s question or withdraw your EEZ red herring – it’s been netted, rejected and is heading for Heogan on “Da Gut Boat.”

John Tulloch