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Squad accounts

It is not known if this year's Guizer Jarl Stevie Grant already has an credit union account - Photo: Chris Brown

SHETLAND’S credit union has come up with a novel concept to help islanders pay for the considerable costs of participating in the islands’ many fire festivals.

Launching the ‘Squad Member Account’ on the day of the world famous Lerwick Up Helly Aa celebrations, Shetland Islands Credit Union said the new product was tailored for the event.

Members of the Lerwick’s jarl’s squad regularly spend many thousands of pounds to pay for the most elaborate Viking outfit.

A credit union spokesman said: “Squad members have to find significant contributions to their squad just at the time they are buying Christmas presents for their children, family and friends.

“These festivals can put a considerable strain on cash flow and take away from the pleasure of the events.

“This is the time to start your squad account with the local credit union. Local credit union staff understand the local situation and the accounts are specially tailored for the event.

“Low cost loans are also easily arranged, should you get carried away with the suit and the act!”

The credit union’s office at the Toll Clock Shopping Centre is open on Tuesdays (12.00 – 2.30), Thursdays (5.00 – 6.30) or Saturdays (10.30 – 2.00).