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Plans for two new wind farms

Evra director Angus Ward at Burradale.

THE OWNERS of the successful Burradale wind farm, outside Lerwick, have revealed plans to invest in two new wind farm projects.

Evra Energy is looking at erecting up to six turbines with a maximum capacity of 3.4 megawatt each at the Hill of Tagdale, opposite the existing Burradale development and overlooking Dales Voe.

A second, slightly smaller wind farm consisting of up to five turbines of a similar size, is planned to be build on the south-west facing slope of the Sheens of Breitoe, between Quarff and Fladdabister.

The company said it was in the very early stages of seeking planning permission from Shetland Islands Council.

Evra Energy is owned by the Thomson and Ward families who have been operating the highly productive Burradale wind farm for almost ten years. They are being joined by local farmers Brian, Maurice and Grant Anderson.

Both projects are too large to supply the local grid and depend on whether an inter connector is to be built between Shetland and the UK mainland.

Director Angus Ward said the plan was to offer local communities the opportunity to buy into the projects should planning consent be granted

He added: “We’ve made a success of Burradale – and we’d like to repeat it.

“Burradale has provided clean electricity for Shetland, work for local companies and income for our economy. And, as far as we are aware, not one bird has been killed since the turbines were put up, and the blades have been turning for 470,000 hours.

“We feel strongly that Shetland should be making the most of its outstanding wind resource and are ready to put something back in.

“Burradale typically produces twice as much electricity as equivalent-sized wind farms in England. We also think folk in the community should have the chance to invest and get a return.”

Ward said the company was fully committed to engaging with the community throughout the planning process and directors would attend meetings of community councils and other bodies to explain the proposals and listen to any concerns raised.

As part of that process, Evra Energy has started specialist surveys at both sites, including birds and other wildlife, land use, visual amenity, traffic, cultural heritage and archaeology.

The views of statutory bodies have also been gathered to inform a scoping opinion, which is due to be published by the SIC today (Friday 7 Dec.)