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Christmas 2012 / Tegan spots 24 lemons

Tegan Hendren (6) and Inga Scott (Living Lerwick Ltd director and owner of The Stage Door) Pic Ben Mullay

During the October school holidays Living Lerwick Ltd ran a ‘spot the lemon’ competition for children where they had to find the 24 lemons displayed in shops within the town centre.

BID Manager, Christena Irvine said: “We had a great response to the spot the lemon competition with lots of children busy looking for lemons during the holidays. Harry Jamieson picked six year old Tegan Hendren out of the hat from the correct answers we received.”

Town centre shops donated prizes. Tegan has won a £5 voucher from the Peerie Shop, Westside Pine, Ninian, North Rock Gallery, The Stage Door, Thulecraft, JG Rae, Harry’s and Sweet Memories, a £6 voucher from Fine Peerie Cakes and £5 worth of sweeties from Universal Stores.

Tegans granny, Caroline Mackenzie took her lemon spotting. She said “Spotting the lemons was great fun for Tegan. We met plenty of other families doing the same thing, so it ended up being a bit of a social thing. Tegan wrote down all the names of the shops herself, so she also learned to spell some new words”.

Tegan said: “It was good fun. Doing it made us go out walking so we got some extra exercise and it made us go to places we’d never been before too”.