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Christmas 2012 / Sophie Dawn’s, a new concept in shopping

You can find Sophie Dawn's on Lerwick's high street

Sophie Dawn’s opened in Lerwick early in 2012, taking over the old Oxfam charity shop on Commercial Street.

At first glance, the shop looks just like any well-turned-out women’s boutique with a range of garments in all shapes and sizes and for all occasions. But Sophie Dawn’s is, in fact, a secondhand shop, though you certainly wouldn’t know it from browsing the perfectly presented clothing that lines the walls.

The stock in this welcoming shop is made up of the kind of guilty pleasures that hang in many wardrobes around Shetland – those tops, dresses or trousers grabbed on a whim, that you promised yourself you would slim into one day, or bought on the advice of a well-meaning friend – and that remain unworn, labels still attached, making you feel guilty every time you open the wardrobe door.

Now, you can take those reminders of your folly to Sophie Dawn’s and perhaps even make a little money back on your rash purchases. Don’t, however, expect that any old bag of new or nearly new clothes will be accepted. You will have to seek an often hard-to-come-by appointment with mother and daughter team Dawn and Andrea who will inspect your contribution and take only what they know will be welcomed by their customers.

What you can expect in return is 50 per cent of the sale price – which will definitely take the sting out of the credit card statement and make emptying your wardrobe of all those never-to-be-worn pieces a little less painful.

Customers of Sophie Dawn’s are guaranteed to find bargains from lots of big names such as Top Shop, Next and Joe Browns, to name but a few, at a fraction of their original price and all elegantly displayed and conveniently labelled. Best of all, no-one will know that you haven’t just spent a fortune on looking tip-top at your festive works do. And if it’s a gift, leave the label right where it is – whoops, did I forget to take the price off…?

Whether you’re looking for a present for a loved one or a bargain for yourself, pay Sophie Dawn’s a visit this Christmas.


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