Marksman had unsecured gun case

A MARKSMAN employed shooting seals around salmon farms in Shetland was fined for failing to secure his firearms, when he appeared at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

The court heard that police found two rifles in an unsecured gun case in the bedroom of 29 year old Matthew Peter Jamieson when they visited his home at Venndal, Voe, on 11 December last year.


Defence agent Eric Baijal said Jamieson realised the importance of gun safety laws and apologised for the offence.

He said his client had a background using shotguns growing up on his father’s farm, was qualified in seal management and as the director of a diving company he had contracts to cull seals.

However he had been diagnosed with depression after his wife left him with his two children and he fell out with his business partner over financial problems in the company.

Baijal said on the day in question he had returned from shooting seals to hear his sister had just given birth to a baby boy and he left for the hospital without securing his guns as he usually did.

He added that it may now prove difficult to renew his firearms licence, which would prove far more harmful to him than any punishment in court.

Sheriff Philip Mann fined Jamieson £350, reduced from £450 for his early plea, saying it was a serious offence that could have put the public at risk.

His plea that was not guilty of possessing too many rounds of ammunition was accepted by the court.