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Candidates / Alan Macdonald

Alan Macdonald
Alan Macdonald
Shetland North

About me
I am:

* chairperson of Northmaven Community Council
* a director of Shetland Community Benefit Fund Ltd (the company that will distribute the funds that will be generated by renewable energy projects)
* a North Roe crofter
* a former bank senior business lending manager
* a part time SIC employee.

I am not
 a former SIC councillor or a retired SIC employee.

I will devote myself to being a full time councillor.

I am passionately committed to Shetland North and life in Shetland.

My promise to the voters of Shetland North
I am asking for your vote in the council elections on 3 May. In return I am making my position clear on certain issues that affect Shetland North.

I am stating in advance how I will vote in the council meetings.

These are difficult times with many challenges but I have listed some that I consider important. I am challenging other candidates to make their position clear and not hide behind a barrier of words.

Primary Schools
I will vote against closure and support parents. I have worked with the community to save North Roe primary on three occasions. Where were the other candidates?

I will expect increased technology in our schools to deliver a wider curriculum for all ages.

Spending Cuts
I will vote against the proposed cuts. Spending cuts are needed but the speed and depth needs to be spread over a longer time to avoid irreparable damage to the Shetland economy.

The elderly and young need our support at this time.

The constant growth of Lerwick has to stop. I will vote against any policy linked to centralisation.

Council departments need to be spread through out Mainland Shetland to reduce costs and support communities. Housing provision should be focused outside Lerwick

Technology & Economic Development
We need to bring satellite broadband to remote areas and schools can be used as the hub for this. Focused economic developments in all areas of Shetland North. I will vote for economic development in Shetland North.

Contact details
Phone 01806 533203