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Candidates / Andrea Manson

andrea manson
Andrea Manson
Shetland North

I have visited every corner of North Shetland during the last three weeks and have been overwhelmed by the encouragement and genuine warmth of the people I have met.

I hope I get the chance to represent you over the next five years, as I feel that there has to be more ‘we’ with the next council and a lot less ‘me’.

There have been some very irrational decisions made over the last five years which we are all having to pay for – many totally against the wishes of the majority.

Democracy is something we should actually do – not something we should just talk about. There are many wants and needs depending on where in the area you live.

The underlying thread of everyone’s worries seems to be:

* keep wir schools open
* look after wir old boddies
* what is dis carry on wi frozen meals on wheels?
* what about da windmills?
* dir no enough houses for wir young eens – dey never seem to get a chance at a house
* wir lass is had a terrible time wi da planning department
* dir far too many council officials – what do dey all do?

I hope to be able to address all those questions as a member of the next Shetland Island Council.

The Council and its officers must be open, accountable and honest and be reminded that they are there to provide the core services to the public – Shetland still has one of the richest councils in the country.

We have to stop the mindless spending on grandiose schemes, ‘draw in wir horns’ for a while and have a long hard look at what and where we can cut jobs and services so that it has least effect on the public and the excellent services that we have all come to expect.

We must prioritise our services and ditch the extras that we neither need nor want. I live in the real world where you struggle to pay your bills, worry about keeping ahead with the mortgage and hate the sight of the electric bill landing on the porch mat.

As an employer I know how hard small businesses have to work to make ends meet. I know how it feels when obstacles are put in front of you by the people who should be supporting and encouraging business growth.

I will encourage the next Council to spend the money as if it comes from their own pocket and try to bring a bit of reality to the Council Chamber.

If, like me, you love Shetland and its people, and want to see it prosper and grow, I would ask you to consider me as your chosen candidate on 3 May.

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