NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Letters / He said nothing at all!

In response to the Shetland News article ‘Viking Energy; the human impact’, Chris Bunyan replied on behalf of the Windfarm Supporters Group. Who are they, what is their constitution, who are their elected office bearers and what membership do they have?

Anyway, he did attempt to reassure people who will be affected by the wind farm but in fact said nothing at all!

Mr Bunyan is claiming that we can go to a website and be reassured that wind farms pose no risk for epileptics or migraineurs. Although I did mention vibroacoustic disease, that hasn’t been included.

Chris Bunyan’s response was from an article written by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, which compromises it from the start.  The report includes references dating to as far back as 1993. 

One of the experts quoted in the report is a doctor of philosophy who had written a thesis on the reaction of people who live in wind farms.

One of the papers ends with the following: “Assessing the effects of wind turbines on human health is an emerging field and conducting further research into the effects of wind turbines (and environmental changes) on human health, emotional and physical is warranted.”

For every website Mr Bunyan claims will reassure us, I would be delighted to send back as many to the contrary.

Since Mr Bunyan seems to be a Viking Energy spokesperson could he also tell me a bit more about the people who are being legally gagged after accepting compensation from developers?

This is a short reply as I would prefer to discuss health effects with the organ grinder not the monkey.

Evelyn Morrison