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News Feed / SNP AHS challenge

LERWICK SNP council candidate Danus Skene has challenged Shetland Islands Council over the ongoing saga of the Anderson High School project.

Mr Skene has also launched a freedom of information request to uncover the amount already spent on the project.

Mr Skene said: “This project has been mismanaged from the start – a typical example of SIC’s inability to take clear decisions on major projects. Those responsible up to this point must come clean as to exactly what this project has cost to date with nothing to show for it.

“Planning permission was given for a school well over a decade ago and yet nothing has been done, except more money being squandered and depriving our youngsters a learning facility that they deserve.

“Last year the education secretary Michael Russell announced that the project could receive funding from the Scotland’s Schools for the Future programme, yet to date no application has been submitted. SIC must be questioned as to why?

“The complete lack of action has not only cost our youngsters a new school, but also cost every Shetland resident with money spent on reports, consultancy fees and who knows what else. I am submitting a Freedom of Information request in order to find out exactly how much.

“Shetland deserves and needs a council competent to run these islands and the current crop of councillors haven’t even managed to build a single school. On May 3rd Shetlanders have a choice between voting for the status quo of continual inaction or by voting for their SNP candidates determined to make Shetland better.”