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News Feed / Election statistics

AROUND 17,700 individuals in Shetland will be entitled to vote in the forthcoming local government election either in person or by post.

The largest ward is Lerwick South where 3,507 people will be able to elect four candidates, while the smallest if Shetland West with 2,033 voters on the electoral register.

On 3 May there will be 76 personnel manning 37 polling stations, the smallest on Fetlar with just 60 voters.

The final count will take place on the morning of 4 May at Lerwick Town Hall. The results will come in at 9am (Shetland West), 10am (Shetland South and central), 11am (North Isles and Shetland North), and finally midday (Lerwick North and South).

The size of the electorate in each ward is:

  • North Isles – 2,278
  • Shetland North – 2,488
  • Shetland West – 2,033
  • Shetland Central – 2,284
  • Shetland South – 2,679
  • Lerwick North – 2,453
  • Lerwick South – 3,507