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Candidates / Iain Morrison

iain morrison
Iain Morrison
Lerwick South

I have been resident in Shetland for 20 years and live in Gulberwick. I am 42 years old and married with two children, one of whom has special needs.

I have worked professionally for NHS Shetland first as a Staff Nurse on the wards, A+E (accident and emergency) and in the operating theatres. Latterly, my work has been in an educational capacity primarily supporting nurse training. This includes working in partnership with Shetland College.

I am well known on the Shetland music scene, and have participated in Shetland Folk Festivals as well as taking part in community events such as Up Helly A, the mid-summer parades, and the annual Holocaust Day. I currently teach bagpipes to young people of a wide age range on a voluntary basis.

I am an active advocate of life long learning for all and have recently gained an honours degree in IT and Computing via the Open University.

I hold left of centre political views and believe passionately that everyone should have due opportunity and the means to realise their full potential in life through their own hard work with financial assistance where necessary.

Although we enjoy a very high standard of services here in Shetland we could do better. I have found in both professional and personal life that solutions to most challenges come from carefully listening to people, particularly those engaged at the ‘sharp end’.

I believe that I have the necessary academic qualifications together with wide professional and life experience to offer myself as a strong candidate to be a Councillor. I have the reputation for giving 100% to everything I undertake and being an advocate for others. I am a man who delivers what he promises.

I have noted down some of my key priorities. If you feel the following are some of your priorities then I would ask you to vote for me.

Why stand for the SNP?

Three basic reasons….

* I believe that Scottish independence will be good for the people of Shetland, giving us the chance to secure more autonomy for our community. I want to work to foster and improve relations between Shetland Islands Council and the Scottish Government in order to secure the very best deal for Shetland.

* I am happy to commit myself to the policies of the SNP since they are designed to promote a fairer and more enterprising society. I commit myself to the high standards of conduct in public life that the SNP rightly demands. The over-arching priority for me as an elected member will be to serve the people of Shetland.

* I wish to be open and transparent about my political allegiances and beliefs.

I believe that priority must be given to the vulnerable in our community such as the elderly and those with additional special needs.

We need to make sure education provision is as robust and cost effective as possible and available to all.

Change need not necessarily be a bad thing. The opportunity should be taken to review and redesign services to achieve more effective solutions.

I wish to promote further development and continuing cooperation between NHS Shetland and SIC.

I believe that effective communication is crucial to finding the best way forward in all circumstances.


A new Anderson High School is an obvious priority. I will do my very best to forward this project in any way that I can.

Additional Special Needs provision, as enshrined by act of Scottish Parliament in 2004, must be maintained and redesigned as necessary. I pledge that I will be a champion for parents and for improvement in this provision.

I believe college education and training is crucial to providing our community with skills and knowledge in order to continue to sustain essential services.


Shetland needs 1000 more affordable houses, predominantly in or near Lerwick. Good housing for rent is especially necessary.

I acknowledge that fuel poverty is a particular problem in Shetland. I support micro generation and technologies such as heat pumps.


On the link to Aberdeen, we need year-round daily service, and we need freight boats that are fit for purpose. RET (road equivalent tariff) is not a solution for Shetland: it destroys price competition, and something better is possible.

I stand for working with the Scottish Government to secure a contract that gives better value for money than the present £40 million subsidy.

My weblink is http://www.snpshetland.co.uk

Contact details
Phone 01595 69 6359
Email iainjmor@tiscali.co.uk