Fuel prices no rip-off

A DIRECTOR of local fuel suppliers GB Oils has denied the company is ripping off people in the northern and western isles where prices are far higher than on the Scottish mainland.

Speaking at a public meeting in Stornoway this week, non-executive director Sam Chambers accepted islanders had good reason to be concerned about prices, but insisted his company, which owns Scottish Fuels, only made 2.6p per litre profit.

Speaking to local BBC radio, he added: “You can only run a business if your customers want to buy from you. You can only run a business if your employees want to work for you.

“So basically, we are not in the business of trying to abuse anyone. We are trying to be fair and trying to be reasonable.”

The Office of Fair Trading has renewed its investigations into fuel prices in remote parts of the country.

Northern isles MP Alistair Carmichael has urged people to make contact with him at CARMICHAELA@parliament.uk to air their concerns.