NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Up-Helly Aa 2012 in Pictures

Jarl's squad members Andrew, Lowrie and Kenneth Shearer.

A selection of pictures taken by local photographer Billy Fox during Tuesday’s Up-Helly Aa fire festival: www.billyfoxphotography.com

... and Jack Nicolson.
The Norseman's Home.

The junior galley head engulfed in flames.
Junior Guizer Jarl Joseph Morgan enjoying every minute of it.
Junior jarl Joseph Morgan with NorthLink’s Lerwick service manager Jane Leask during a company's reception at the Holmsgarth ferry terminal.


The Jarl's Squad at the Shetland Museum and Archives...

... and the crowd joining in the fun.
















Guizer Jarl David Nicolson


Jarl David Nicolson with son Stuart and daughter Suzanne.
Jarl's squad member Lyall Gair.
Jarl's Squad member Ian Leask.


The Jarl's Squad posing for the traditional photo at Alexandra Wharf, on Tuesday morning.

Junior Jarl Joseph Morgan with his squad.


A final trim for the galley head from book author and galley boy Brydon Leslie.


The Proclamation.