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Sheila at her Taste Tickler Party in the Ness Boating Club

Since taking early retirement, a south mainland woman has turned her creative passions into a small business.

Eve and Faith modelling Sheila's hats

“It came about when I became concerned that the local tradition of creating really distinctive high quality Shetland fine lace with the best wool in the world from pure bred Shetland sheep will die out.  I’ve always knitted lace and my granny taught me how to knit before I went to the school, so I’ve been doing it a long time!  My website: shetlandlaceshawIs.co.uk sells only genuine hand knitted Shetland wool products.”

You will also find what she calls her ‘sooth wirset’ knitwear on Facebook, look for ‘slippit Loop’ Designs or on Hameaboot

Another passion is creating new flavours of preserves and biscuits, including her ‘Tongue Tingly Chutney’, her ‘Deep Purple Jam’, her Strawberry & Banana Fruity Curd, as well as her beremeal oatcakes and biscuits and, we can’t forget her ‘No Ordinary’ Fudge, perfect with coffee!


A selection of her diverse range of products can be found in Blydoit and J K Mainland’s, in Lerwick, Farmer’s Markets and of course, directly from her.

Sheila has a range of gift boxes available

This year she had a stand at the Craft Fair instead of the Food Fair, selling her knitwear, Gift Boxes and artwork, as well as her ‘No Ordinary’ Fudge.  She said “It’s a pity I can’t split myself in two! (would love to, ‘I’m big enough!’) (lol)



Sheila Fowlie
Shetland Lace Shawls & Fowlie’s Handmade

Tel: 01950 460790
Websites: www.shetlandlaceshawls.co.uk and www.hameaboot.co.uk/products/fowlies-handmade
Emails: sheila@shetlandlaceshawls.co.uk and s.fowlie56@btinternet.com

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