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Hockey: Spurs go level on points


Spurs 5 v Juniors 1

Spurs soon saw off a strong start from Juniors and put a lot of pressure on goalkeeper Megan Nicolson, but it was Juniors’ Debbie Sneddon who scored the first goal from the first penalty corner of the match.

To make matters worse for Spurs, Emma Inkster was awarded a green card and left the pitch. But these two setbacks appeared to rally the Lerwick team and before half time Emma Gray had equalised.

Inkster returned in the second half and there was no stopping the team, who scored four goals to seal that match with two more from Gray to make a hat trick, and one each from Rona Simpson and Karen MacKay.

Gayle Johnson for Spurs and Megan Nicolson for Juniors were named players of the match.

Burra 5 v Zetland 0

Both teams started full of energy, but Burra proved stronger but shot wide, while managing to field any attempts by Zetland to get through on goal.

In the first half Bethany Laurenson scored Burra’s first, and despite Zetland’s best efforts four more followed from Stacy Laurenson, two from Kristan Robertson and a second from Bethany Laurenson.

Players of the match were Burra’s Vikki Anderson and Zetland’s Aimee Keith.

Scalloway 0 v Whalsay 1

Whalsay’s Angelina Jamieson scored the only goal of the match during a closely fought first half, and despite a strong effort from Scalloway in the second they failed to hit the back of the net.

Kirsten Flett for Scalloway and Maggie Irvine for Whalsay were the best players on the day.

Zetland 4 v Juniors 0

Once again Juniors started well, but Zetland were on top of the game from the very start and it was not long before Maisie Unsworth made it 1-0, followed by a second from Aimee Keith from the edge of the circle.

Juniors settled in the second half, but were no match for their opponents’ defence and it was Zetland whose Vikci Henderson scored next from close range with Keith making it four after a brilliant run an a strong strike from the circle’s edge.

Players of the match were Aimee Keith for Zetland and Abby Irvine for Juniors.

P W D L Pts
Whalsay 9 8 1 0 25
Spurs 11 8 1 2 25
Delting 1- 7 0 3 21
Burra 10 4 3 3 15
Zetland 12 3 1 8 10
Juniors 10 1 2 7 5
Scalloway 10 1 0 9 3



Monday 4 July
6:30pm Juniors v Scalloway (Simon Skinner/Delting rep)
7:50pm Whalsay v Delting (Simon Skinner/Scalloway rep)
Thursday 7 July
6:30pm Spurs v Scalloway (Janice Johnston/Whalsay rep)
7:50pm Burra v Whalsay (Janice Johnston/Scalloway rep)