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New quay to be ready by end of year

Aerial view of work an new deepwater berth at Greenhead Base, Lerwick.

THE NEW £5.2 million deepwater quay at the north end of Lerwick harbour will be ready by the end of the year, according to the port authority.

Shetland civil engineering firm Tulloch Developments are currently putting in piling on the 16,760 square metres of reclaimed land at Greenhead Base, which will provide 100 metres of extra berthing for large vessels.

Port chief executive Sandra Laurenson said the project coincides with a marked upturn in the number of large offshore construction vessels and diving support vessels using the harbour, the type of ships the new berth is designed to accommodate

“Complementing existing laydown areas at Greenhead and with another pad to increase heavy lift capacity, the extension to berthing with nine metres’ water depth further develops the port’s ability to accommodate and support these vessels,” Ms Laurenson said.

The port will be able to offer 345 metres of berthing at a depth of nine metres, while providing extra space for the salmon and pelagic processing factories next door, Lerwick Fish Traders and Shetland catch.

The land adds to that reclaimed in a major dredging project completed in 2008 to deepen the harbour and improve access.