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In brief for 21 June 2011

Lost medication

SHETLAND police have warned that a bag containing potentially harmful medication was lost on Lerwick’s Commercial Street on Monday.

The bag is from the local Boots pharmacy and if found should be handed into Lerwick police station, who can be called on 01595 692110.

Credit union seeks borrowers

SCOTLAND’S newest credit union has got off to a flying start with 60 members depositing “substantial” amounts of money over the past seven weeks since it opened.

Now Shetland Islands Credit Union (SICU) is looking for new members who want to borrow small sums at low interest to help the business on its feet.

Chairman Gordon Mitchell said they were looking for more investors, but were now particularly keen to attract people who wanted to access relatively cheap loans, currently set at 12.5 per cent APR.

“The idea is that we want to be giving sensible loans to people who would otherwise be finding themselves in the hands of loan sharks,” Captain Mitchell said.

The credit union is currently investing its deposits in secure, high interest accounts, but needs to start lending money to build up returns that can help cover its running costs.

Anyone wishing to borrow money must first join the credit union, which they can do at 8 Hillhead, Lerwick, on Wednesday evening (5-7pm) or Saturday morning (10.30am to 1pm). Anyone opening an account must bring photo ID and proof of address.

Further information is available at www.shetlandcreditunion.org.

Bad driving campaign a success

INSPECTOR Eddie Graham has described the local campaign to tackle law breaking on Shetland’s roads as a success.

In the two weeks leading up to Monday, Northern Constabulary joined a national police effort targeting drink drivers and other forms of illegal driving, such as speeding and failing to wear a seatbelt.

In Shetland three reports are being submitted to the procurator fiscal about drivers who were found to be over the legal limit for alcohol.

Inspector Graham believes the campaign was directly responsible for all three arrests.

“Some of it was intelligence led and some of it was officers being proactive, but the campaign raised the profile with the public. From that point we are quite delighted.”

Five minute theatre

SHETLAND Youth Theatre perform a five minute theatre piece at 9am on Wednesday morning which can be viewed live over the internet.

The piece is called Secret Shetland and is one of 200 performances celebrating the fifth anniversary of the national Theatre of Scotland.

The piece was devised by the company with local drama directors John Haswell and Izzy Swanson and can be seen at www.fiveminutetheatre.com.