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Round up from Lerwick Sheriff Court

Drink driver banned

A LERWICK man who admitted drink driving when he appeared at the town’s sheriff court from custody on Monday has been fined £700 and disqualified for two years.

Jason King, aged 37, of 5-7 Goodlad Crescent, admitted being more than twice the legal limit for alcohol when he was stopped on Lerwick’s South Road on Sunday.

Sheriff Graeme Napier told King that he could reduce his ban by six months if he attended an alcohol awareness course.

Hammered on door

A MAN who admitted hammering on a door at a house in Lerwick’s Gilbertson Road on Saturday appeared from custody on Monday.

Adam Wyrzykowski, aged 34, of 22 Arheim, pled guilty to threatening or abusive behaviour and was released on bail after sentence was deferred until 15 June for reports to be compiled.

As part of his bail conditions he must not approach his girlfriend or her house.

Assault charge

THE CASE against a 21 year old Bressay man has been continued without plea after he appeared from custody on Monday charged with assaulting two men in Lerwick on Saturday.

Liam Hunter, of Hirnik, is charged with repeatedly punching one man on the head on Muir’s Steps, and spitting in the face as well as punching the head of another man on Commercial Street.

West side man Edward Rankin, aged 24, of The Manse, Gruting, also made no plea after being charged with shouting, swearing and making threats at a house in Lerwick’s St Olaf Street, on Sunday.

He is also charged with struggling with police officers and committing both offences while on bail from Paisley Sheriff Court.

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