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Odds shifting as election approaches

BETS on the outcome of the election in Shetland are reflecting uncertainty over the future of what has been dubbed the safest seat in Scotland.

Over the weekend the odds on independent candidate Billy Fox shortened to 2:1 against, while Liberal Democrat incumbent Tavish Scott is seeing his position as favourite eroded to just 1:2 for. The SNP’s Jean Urquhart is third favourite at 14:1 against.

Meanwhile a national opinion poll suggested the Green Party might end up with one more seat in the Scottish Parliament than the LibDems.

The Green Party has been upping its campaign for the second vote over the past few days, citing author Ian Rankin as their latest celebrity supporter.

The party has pledged to reverse cuts to housing, education and local services and to invest in public services to support the economy, back a universal insulation scheme and a “public transport renaissance”.

Scottish Greens leader Patrick Harvie said the party would raise money from taxing big business and the richest people in society.

“It’s time to shift the Scottish economy away from a reliance on financial speculation and dwindling oil reserves, and towards low carbon, local and long term jobs,” he said.

The party said it would reform the planning system to give communities a right of appeal in line with those of developers.


Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021