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In brief for 6 April

Tesco power cut

LERWICK’S Tesco supermarket has been counting the cost of Tuesday’s five and a half hour power cut which forced it to close the store and dump a huge quantity of chilled and frozen food.

A power circuit within the store is believed to have been the source of the problem, which switched electricity off between 10.30am and 4pm.

Manager Paul Clelland was not available for comment, but on Wednesday a Tesco spokeswoman confirmed: “There was a power failure which affected the store.  The power was restored in the afternoon and we’ve already begun restocking relevant ranges.”


Nesting fire

BRAE and Scalloway fire crews were called out to Nesting on Wednesday afternoon when a blaze destroyed a caravan and a wooden shed at Eswick. A nearby car was also damaged but no one as injured.


Mossbank cars damaged

POLICE in Shetland are looking for those responsible for damaging a number of cars parked at Leaside and Sandside, in Firth/Mossbank overnight between Monday and Tuesday.

Anyone with information can contact Lerwick police station on 01595 692110.


Shellfishery makes a stand

SHETLAND Shellfish Management Organisation (SSMO) and the NAFC Marine Centre, in Scalloway, are compiling detailed information on the economic value of the local shellfishery.

The information will feed into the Shetland Spatial Plan (http://www.nafc.ac.uk/Marine-Atlas-Data-Downloads.aspx). It is seen as crucial in fighting the fishing community’s corner when large marine developments are proposed.

SSMO officer Jennifer Mouat said the plan already contained detailed information on the distribution of shellfisheries around Shetland, but it did not provide any information on the areas that are most important in terms of their economic and social sustainability.

“It is currently possible to describe the importance of an area in terms of the shellfish that are taken from it each year if a proposed energy development, marine protected area or other reason was proposed to restrict access to it, but it would not be possible to say what the social impact would be in terms of sustaining employment, families and communities,” she said. 

“We want to be able to proactively provide such information so that we can best represent our members’ interests.”


Sign up for Da Redd Up

SHETLAND Amenity Trust said on Wednesday that more than 3,000 volunteers had already registered for this year isles-wide spring clean up, which will take place on 16 and 17 April.

Organiser Sita Hughson added that there was still time to join the fun of Da Voar Redd Up by contacting her at the trust on 01595 69 4688 or emailing info@shetlandamenity.org

For those groups already registered, packs containing gloves, bags, safety vests, etc. are awaiting collection from the trust’s offices at Garthspool, in Lerwick.

Ms Hughson said: “Groups are also reminded to inform the trust after their Redd Up is finished so the collection of bruck can be undertaken as soon as possible. 

“Shetland Amenity Trust will have four environmental improvement teams deployed to collect the huge amount of Redd Up bruck for safe disposal and recycling from all parts of Shetland.”


Glasgow rockers return

GLASGOW two piece rock band The Fire and I return to Shetland this Friday for a gig at the British Legion showcasing their debut album Stampede Finale.

The duo won fans when they last appeared in Shetland supporting local émigrés Oscar Charlie two years ago.

One former Oscar Charlie member is in new band The Last, who play support on Friday.
Tickets are still available from High Level Music in Lerwick priced £10 and doors open at 9.30pm.


Income tax

LOCAL MP Alistair Carmichael welcomed income tax changes he claimed would put £200 back in the pockets of around 18,000 people in the northern isles.

This week’s £1,000 increase of the income tax threshold to £7,475 was the first step towards the Liberal Democrat commitment to raise the threshold to £10,000, he said. A further rise is promised in 2012.

Mr Carmichael said that as a result around 800 people in Shetland and Orkney would not have to pay any income tax at all, with 18,000 in line for a tax cut.


Renewables fund warning

PEOPLE wanting to raise money to install renewable energy systems are being reminded applications for the low risk Communities and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) loan fund close on 30 April.

The CARES fund is designed to help people in rural Scotland through the difficult pre-planning stage for schemes that have a community element.

The fund offers loans of up to £150,000 to cover 90 per cent of the early costs which are repayable at a commercial rate if the scheme receives planning permission. If planning permission fails the loan is written off.

The CARES scheme also offers free advice and support at a local level. More details and an application form can be found at www.communityenergyscotland.org.uk/cares.asp