Life threatening alcohol problems

A SHETLAND woman whose problems with alcohol have become life threatening was jailed at Lerwick Sheriff Court for a series of bizarre assaults.

Caroline Tulloch, of 40 Norstane, Lerwick, admitted breaching probation by assaulting a man and woman, spitting at them and claiming she had Hepatitis C at a house in Lerwick’s Leog, on 8 September.

The 30 year old admitted committing the same offence on a man at her home on 24 January, while on bail.

The court heard that social workers had described Tulloch’s drink problem as life threatening.

Defence agent Tommy Allan tried to persuade the court to retain Tulloch’s current probation order saying she had been keeping appointments lately.

However Sheriff Graeme Napier said that due to the breaches of probation and bail, he had no choice but to imprison her for 10 months.