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Laxo road remains closed

THE ROAD south of Laxo in North Nesting is to remain closed for the rest of the week as Shetland Islands Council works to make it safe.

The B9075 was swamped by peat after torrential rain on Saturday morning caused a landslide between Laxo and Dury.

Diggers cleared the road at the weekend but council engineers decided it was too unstable to allow it to remain open without further remedial work.

Network engineer Neil Robertson said they were busy digging ditches to move water away from the unstable area and scoop up excess peat, which would take until Friday.

He said at night there was a risk peat could slide further while no one was there and during the day the road was too busy with repair teams to allow traffic to pass.

He added: “There are huge cracks through the peat and if it got a heavy downpour it looks like it wouldn’t take much more to get it on the move again, so we are trying to move the peat that might move before it moves independently.”