New training grant scheme

SHETLAND Fisheries Training Association (SFTA) has launched a new grant scheme to encourage more people taking up training courses.

The association invites employees of any local fish catching business (registered Shetland pelagic, white fish or shellfish fishing vessel), local fish processing business and local aquaculture business wishing to undertake nationally recognised training courses to apply for funding.


Successful applicants can receive up to 25 per cent grant assistance towards the cost of eligible training courses.  

SFTA training co-ordinator Caroline Hepburn said: “I am pleased the board of SFTA have decided to utilise some of our accrued funds to support industry candidates, many of whom undertake training at their own expense.

“We hope that by offering them a small saving it will encourage more uptakes of courses and this in turn will increase the local skills base.” 

There is an upper limit on how much an individual or company can access in a year and the grant scheme will be operational for 12 months from June 2010.

For further information, contact Caroline Hepburn on 01595 772 216 or e-mail: