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Tag starts when the power’s back on

A SHETLAND woman who returned to the islands after trying to start a new life in England was ordered to stay at home every night after admitting she stole two bracelets from a shop in Lerwick last July while on bail.

Sentence on 23 year old Laura Nelson for the thefts from Clocktower Cards, at the Toll Clock shopping centre, on 20 July last year had been deferred while she was on probation for breaking into a shop in Mossbank on 16 March last year and stealing a range of goods and cash.

However after breaching her probation three times, Sheriff Graeme Napier decided to tag Nelson for the stealing the bracelets, forcing her to stay at 9 Burgadale, in Brae, from 7pm to 6am every night.

Before the sentence can be imposed, Nelson will have to reconnect the electricity which was cut off while she was out of the islands.

She was also fined a total of £450 for breaching probation, which was changed to an 80 hour supervised attendance order as she was unlikely to be able to pay the fines.

Sheriff Napier warned Nelson that her probation would be reviewed after three months. “This really is your last chance. You have been given umpteen opportunities and you will end up in prison at this rate.”

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021