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SIC public hearing next month

THE ACCOUNTS Commission has announced it will be holding its public hearing into recent events at Shetland Islands Council over two days at Lerwick Town Hall on Monday 28 June and Tuesday 29 June.

The hearing is the third of its kind to be held in Scotland and will consider events surrounding the recruitment and the departure of former SIC chief executive Dave Clark, as well as the way the council was run during the nine months of his tenure.

The local government watchdog will also be looking at the council’s accounts, which have been qualified for the past few years largely due to fact they have not been grouped with the accounts of Shetland Charitable Trust.

Witnesses will be called to give evidence before a panel who will be asking questions over the course of the two days. The hearing will be held in public in the main hall which can seat 200 people.

A spokeswoman for the Accounts Commission said that they would be announcing more details about the event next week, when they will publish a web page providing al the necessary information for those wishing to attend.