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Surreal twist at Da Gadderie

DA Gadderie, Shetland Museum and Archives exhibition space, will be hosting a quirky exhibition with a surreal twist, as of today (Saturday).

Warm Leveret by Edward Summerton highlights the fascination Edward has with the representation of nature and natural history.

His representation of nature and natural history can sometimes cause more concern than satisfaction.

On first glance, his paintings invite the viewer to enjoy a skilfully rendered image drawn from the natural world, but a closer engagement brings out surprising elements of horror and strangeness.

Currently a lecturer and researcher for the School of Fine Art at University of Dundee, Edward has taught some of Shetlands talented contemporary artists.

The museum’s exhibition officer John Hunter said: “One of the interesting aspects of painting is that the laws of nature can be suspended. Visual illusions and juxtapositions can be created on canvas that cannot exist anywhere else.

“In Eddie’s case he takes advantage of this to portray very personal visions. His skill as a painter lures the viewer into a world of magical realism where things are often not as they should be. He interprets and manipulates natural history imagery to give the work a new life.

“The results are disconcerting and unsettling, sometimes humorous and often attention-grabbing. His work draws inspiration from contemporary culture such as music and film as well as mythology and nature.

“There’s something of the wildlife illustrator meets William Burroughs, about this exhibition. Not for the squeamish? Come and find out.”

Warm Leveret will be in Da Gadderie from 27 March – 26 April.