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In brief – 28 January, 2010

Airport emergency

A SICK woman was airlifted to Gilbert Bain Hospital yesterday lunchtime (Wednesday) after collapsing at Sumburgh airport.

A paramedic based at the nearby coastguard helicopter base was summoned and then the chopper itself was scrambled, flying the woman to Lerwick.

An ambulance which was already on its way to Sumburgh had returned to the town to meet the aircraft and transfer the patient to the hospital, where her condition was said to be stable last night.


Unst power cut

THE WHOLE island of Unst was without power yesterday morning after an electricity pole caught fire at Hagdale, near Baltasound, around 9.30am.

Engineers worked all day on fixing the problem and had reconnected all but 34 homes by lunchtime. The remaining customers were expecting their power back by tea time last night.


Vigilance required

SHETLAND police yesterday warned islanders to beware of callers trying to obtain personal financial information over the phone after a Yell man reported receiving a call from “an Asian sounding male” alleging he represented a high street bank.

The caller alleged that he had helped foil attempts to withdraw cash from the man’s account from overseas, before trying to find out personal details, which were withheld.

The police reminded people to “be vigilant to these kind of calls, which are attempts to glean sufficient information for the perpetrators to access your bank and building society accounts”.

A spokesman said: “If in doubt, decline to provide any information and ask to be given a name and telephone number to call them back on. You should then verify these details before contacting them again.”


Tax breaks out west

THE UK government yesterday said it planned to extend tax breaks to energy companies exploring for oil and gas west of Shetland.

Chancellor Alistair Darling said the area should be eligible for an oil field allowance that could provide tax relief of up to £160 million.

Mr Darling said it was estimated that 20 per cent of Britain’s remaining oil and gas reserves lay west of Shetland and it was “critical” to unlock its potential.


Online advice

THE SCOTTISH Community Land Network (SCLN) website has published a training package to help people involved in community driven activities.

The resources cover developing a project idea, through to project implementation and beyond towards future sustainability.  There is also advice on the requirements and responsibilities of employing staff, of working with volunteers and in dealing with the media.

Anyone interested in accessing the resources can do so for free by registering with the network at