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Updated Updated with photos from the procession and burning: Jarl Martin in charge of first fire festival of the season
Community / Fiery day for Jarl Colin at Norwick
Community / Guizer Jarl Sweyn Asleifsson leads the way in Bressay
Updated NEW PHOTOS: All geared up for Shetland’s longest Up Helly Aa celebrationsGuizer Jarl James O’Breckon leads the festival in Cullivoe
Community / A suitable impressive burning to mark the occasion
Community / Picture-perfect day for Jarl John Nicolson and his squad
Viking Energy - Newsletter - Wind Farm & Transmission Link
Shetland Lives / Special year for Nicolsons as third brother picks up jarl mantle2019 Lerwick Up Helly Aa under way – regular updates throughout the day
Arts / Gods and monsters to descend on museum
Vikings to visit LerwickThe Follow the Vikings roadshow will descend on the town in November.
Fire Festival 2013 / Vikings go Tartan in New York
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