Community / More consultation on future Scalloway development

A DROP-IN event is taking place in Scalloway today (Friday) and Saturday to allow the community to discuss and vote on projects they might like to see in the village.

Over 100 people took part in Scalloway Community Development Company’s (SCDC) first round of engagement in November as residents explored ideas for ways to develop the village.


A shortlist of potential projects has now been drawn up following the consultation with the community and now a second event is taking place at the Scalloway Hall.

It all follows on from the Re-Create Scalloway project which took place in 2018/19.

The development company has commissioned consultants Ironside Farrar to prepare a feasibility study and masterplan to develop and advance proposals.

The shortlist of ideas which have progressed to the second round of engagement includes more walkways at the waterfront.

Enhancements to the busy Main Street, 20mph zones, safe crossing at the school and a heritage trail are also included alongside flood mitigation  measures at the waterfront.


There is also a proposal to enhance Fraser Park with new paving and a play area, and invest in the Scalloway hall, the Church of Scotland kirk and the youth centre.

“SCDC wish to identify a strong list of deliverable projects that builds on ideas from Re-Create Scalloway and meet the needs of the community,” the consultation material says.

“The projects listed all had support at the first consultation.

“Delivering projects is very dependent upon working with others to secure resources and funding.

“SCDC are looking to build a ‘pipeline of project opportunities’ that are ready to support funding submissions and ensure Scalloway can bid for funds.”


People will be asked to vote for their top five priority projects from the shortlist.

Longer-term projects which have not made it to the shortlist and remain on the backburner include a foot bridge to East Voe and a one-way system on Main Street.

An ambitious idea to create a new road at the waterfront has received little support from the community.

There has also been backing for a new berth for sail training vessel the Swan but this would only be suitable in the summer and not the winter months as required.

The latest event will be held at the Scalloway Hall on Friday between 1pm and 5pm and Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

There will also be a session for young people at the youth centre on Saturday between 6.30pm and 7.30pm.

For those who cannot manage to make it to the hall there will be an online virtual event where the projects can be viewed and voted on.

After the events the consultants will carry out a further assessment of the costs and feasibility of projects.