Coronavirus / Isolation instructions given before rule change must be followed

Meanwhile a further 22 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Shetland

PEOPLE told to isolate under Covid guidance prior to new relaxed rules coming into force yesterday (Thursday) still have to follow their original instructions, it has been confirmed.

In effect it means someone told to isolate on Wednesday (5 January)  would have to stick to the old guidance of ten days, while someone given instructions on Thursday (6 January) could be out of isolation after a week under the new rules.


Meanwhile 22 new Covid cases have been confirmed in Shetland, which is a drop from the 41 reported yesterday.

Earlier this week public health officials said most people with Covid in Shetland were experiencing mild symptoms, or none at all.

Yesterday also saw some changes to isolation and testing rules come into force in Scotland.

The minimum isolation time has been cut from 10 days to a week, if people have no fever and return two negative lateral flow tests on day six and seven.


Fully vaccinated contacts of a positive case will no longer have to isolate and instead they are asked to do a lateral flow test each day for a week. Fully vaccinated generally means two doses and a booster.

Finally, if someone without symptoms has a positive lateral flow test then they will no longer need a follow-up PCR test to confirm the result. If positive, they have to log the lateral flow result online.

Anyone with Covid symptoms should still isolate immediately and request a PCR test, as per previous guidance.

The latest advice is available from the NHS Inform website.

Meanwhile Shetland Islands Council is continuing to monitor the Covid situation in care homes after staff tested positive for the virus at Isleshavn and North Haven, which resulted in changes to visiting arrangements.

With the high number of cases in Shetland just now – nearly 200 have been recorded in just over a week – some businesses and organisations are deciding to play it safe.

The Cake Fridge Tearoom in East Burrafirth for instance said it will remain closed for the meantime following the Christmas break, while Lerwick tattoo shop Aurora Ink is staying shut until next week due to the Covid situation.