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Arts / Art trail organisers re-evaluating low-lying sculpture after accidents

The sculpture after the cones were added.

TALKS are ongoing about what to do with a recently installed sculpture on Lerwick’s Commercial Street after it was involved in accidents with both a vehicle and a pedestrian.

The low-lying sculpture, outside the Royal Bank of Scotland, was installed earlier this year as part of the LOCUS contemporary public art trail but in recent weeks it has been surrounded by traffic cones.

It was created by Glasgow-based sculptor Joseph Ingleby, with the piece – called Storm Cargo – taking the form of two halves, inspired by the shape of a guillemot’s egg.

The art trail was overseen by both Living Lerwick and Shetland Arts.

The matter was brought up at a meeting of Lerwick Community Council on Monday by member Andy Carter, who believed vehicles may be prone to hitting into it.

“I think it would be a good idea if it was moved to a less hazardous spot,” he said.

His fears were confirmed by Living Lerwick chairman Steve Mathieson, who said the cones were brought in after a couple of accidents.

One involved a car hitting the sculpture, and the other was a person tripping on it.

“We are in discussions at the moment with the roads department about the best solution for it,” Mathieson said.

“We will hopefully resolve that ASAP.”

One option being considered is moving the sculpture.

Mathieson added that Ingleby is known for low-lying sculptures around the country.

The meeting also heard that children have been seen playing on the LOCUS sculpture outside the parliamentary office, which is tall steel structure that takes inspiration in part from ladders.

But Mathieson stressed that the sculptures went through the planning process and the designs were assessed before they were installed.

He added that in theory a sculpture is no different to other pieces of street furniture.

The LOCUS art trail was funded by Shetland Islands Council though the Scottish Government Town Centre Fund.