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Emergency services / Lifeboat comes to aid of trawler in early hours of morning

The RNLI Lerwick Lifeboat with the 26-metre trawler under tow before sunrise this morning. Photo: RNLI

THE LERWICK Lifeboat was called out in the early hours of the morning (Saturday) to come to the aid of a trawler in difficulty.

The 26-metre British registered trawler with seven crew on board had fouled her propeller around eight nautical miles east of Dunrossness.

Crew on the Njord Venture got in touch with the coastguard, and the lifeboat was launched at 2.40am. It reached the vessel around 40 minutes later.

The lifeboat took the trawler under tow and made steady progress back to Lerwick Harbour at a speed of around six knots, arriving at 6.30am.

The trawler was brought safely alongside Victoria Pier with the assistance of the harbour pilot vessel, the Knab. Sea conditions were calm with very light winds.

RNLI Lerwick’s second coxswain Tommy Goudie said: “The trawler skipper did the right thing by contacting the coastguard when he realised that his propeller was fouled and he had no propulsion.

“Our volunteer crew responded quickly to the request to launch in the early hours of morning .We were pleased to be able to help the vessel reach a safe harbour for repairs.”